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Hi there! I am Shady. (She & They)

I'm a nerd who loves learning, creating, community, and imagining the future.


What I'm About / Remixing ideas, distinct design, & engaged education for brands, organizations, and people

My Creative Approach / The places where media, identity, and pop culture meet.

Education / Bachelor in Communication-Public Relations at Appalachian State, Masters in Social Justice Education at UMass Amherst

Available for / Freelance work, workshops, community work, job opportunities, consulting, mentoring, apprenticeships, collaborative work

Past Work / DeWitt Wallace Center for Media & Democracy, Southern Fried Queer Pride, WonderRoot, Murmur Media, Partners for Youth Opportunity, SHIFT NC

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Upcoming Projects: Community Design School at The Mothership for folks newly learning & experimenting in design.


3 Questions (from The Mothership)

What inspires you to make your work and build your particular brand?

Amazing queer folks, trans folks, and women around me (online & irl) inspire me to create, learn, and build community. I am driven by futures/spaces where we are celebrated and can be ourselves.

What advice to you have for others starting something new in their creative life?

Move with intuition and intention. 

What work practices keep you grounded, or when do you feel most at ease when working?

I feel most at ease when I can express my gender. I feel most at ease at work when I can incorporate art - music, movement, conversation. I practice mindfulness to keep me grounded. 

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Poster Design

Posters are one of my favorite mediums for communication! They can be beautiful, bright, bold, and ephemeral. I’ve had the opportunity to design a variety of posters for university events (Appalachian State, the University of Massachusetts Amherst, and Duke University), arts organizations (WonderRoot’s Activist Screenprint Studio, Murmur’s Atlanta Zine Fests), and individuals. What I’m trying to say is, I love designing print and digital posters. Send me your specs, and let’s get started.

Product Design

In 2017 I began designing products such as stickers, prints, and apparel which I sell via an Instagram brand (@online.shady), through online platforms, at pop-up events, and in the shop The Mothership in Durham, NC. I now teach community classes on how to create designs for products. Visit my online shop to see more, or stop by the Motherhship irl. Let’s make something together.


In 2018, author and poet Romeo Romero and I collaborated to publish their first book, Descendant. I worked on their social media, built their website, and provided consulting. I also published 3 collaborative zines: an audio zine, a mental health/academic zine, and a zine on toxic masculinity, assault, and apology called “Leave Me Alone”. Interested in collaborating on a publication? Let me know!

Logos & branding

Remixing logos and brands to create interesting design concepts is where my passion started. I’ve created logos for my own brands as well as Southern Fried Queer Pride’s “Sweet Tea” Variety Show, The DeWitt Wallace Center’s “News Measures Research Project” and “Policy, Journalism, & Media Studies Certificate” just to name a few. Providing affordable consulting, branding, and logo-creation is one of the services I offer. For more information, reach out.

social Media

#staysocial with some help from a an expert communicator. I’ve run social for non-profits, university centers, and brands. I love the creative connection possibilities. If you want to talk social, DM me.

design for movement

Many of the designs for my personal brand were in conversation with and allowed me to donate to movements for social justice and social change, including Durham’s Inside-Out Alliance and WonderRoot’s Activist Screenprint Studio. Most of my clients have a mission of community support, social change, or self-love. If you work for change, support community, and are looking for a designer, educator, or collaborator let’s talk!

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classes, Workshops, events


i offer classes & Workshops on media, creative processes, self-work, and social justice. topics i currently offer are listed. reach out to book me or to collaborate.


Intro to Adobe Illustrator

at the end of this class you will know…

-the basics of graphic design such as typography, color, and layout

-how to use all the basic tools of illustrator

-how to create a vector and create products

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From Concept to Product: Using Vectors

at the end of this class you will know…

-how to take an idea from your mind to your hands

-how to create a vector

-how to create and order products

-how to “package” in illustrator and send design work to clients or websites

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Intro to Creative Process

at the end of this class you will know…

-how to make & use mood boards

-a basic understanding of elements of design

-how to start a creative practice

-how to start your dream, business, or creative project

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zine-making for self-care

at the end of this class you will know…

-a brief history of zines and zine-making

-how to make a zine and how to collaborate on a zine

-how to incorporate a creative skill into your self-care

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Intergroup Dialogue (igd)

Intergroup dialogue is a model of learning based on “talking across difference”. I’ve co-taught two IGD courses for undergrads at UMass Amherst: “Youth Oppression & Liberation” and “Race & Ethnicity”. Other topics I have experience with are gender, LGBTQ+ identities, and mental illness. IGD experiences usually involve learning/studying, discussion, reflection, and practice and can last from 1-2 hours to multiple days. For more information, please contact me.

General event planning

I have planned hundreds of events, and currently work a 9-5 in the field of event coordination. If you need a creative, educational, community, or celebratory event planned - I can help you. Behind-the-scenes work is also a place I love to be. I also facilitate on a wide-range of topics if you have an idea not listed here. If you think I am the right fit for your next event, let’s make it happen.



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