Project Q, Atlanta

“Rad DIY stickers, buttons, cards, zines, prints and patches by Shady Kimzey”

Partners for Youth Opportunity
”Look at our Shady Kimzey doing big things! We are so proud to have such a fierce advocate for youth on our team”

The Daily Tar Heel
“My hope is that this event will allow people space to reflect on their own self-worth and own self-possibility”

The Appalachian Online
“Twenty-nine percent of our area is in poverty and that’s people that are making below $29,000 a year, in addition, homelessness and poverty is on the rise for people with mental and physical disabilities, veterans and more than 40 percent of people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender”

University News, Appalachian State University
”Shady Kimzey…has received a 2013 Community Impact Student Award. Given by North Carolina Campus Compact…the award recognizes one outstanding student on each campus for making a difference in the community”
“The project was such an awesome and unique experience, it was an honor to be able to be a part of preserving the beauty of the natural and social aspects of Elk Knob”

Appalachian Magazine
“I was excited to see that the government has interest in investing in the future of this region which I dearly love, and that they trusted students and locals to work together to create solutions”